September 1, 2020

5th hole / 161 Yards / Par-3
Architect: Phillip Wogan and George Sargent (2004)

Architecture - Montcalm Golf Club, New Hampshire

Imitation is often cited as the sincerest form of flattery and for those able to venture to Montcalm Golf Club they will encounter a layout that provides a range of holes and terrain changes. Montcalm came into existence through the efforts of its original owner — Andy Sigler. An avid golfer, Sigler is also a member of Augusta National Golf Club and he wanted to see the architectural design duo of Wogan and Sargent recreate one of the most famous holes in all of golf — the renowned par-3 12th.

Unlike the Georgia-based club that annually hosts the famed Masters tournament, Montcalm is situated between the Green Mountains National Forest and the White Mountain National Forest in the Upper Valley section of the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region. At an elevation above 1,000 feet, Montcalm has panoramic mountain views of Killington, Vermont’s Green Mountain and Mt. Ascutney.

Architecture - Montcalm Golf Club, New Hampshire

The par-3 5th commences from an elevated tee. The 4,691 square feet green is located just over a fronting creek with a solitary bunker between the creek and the putting surface. The green is diagonally situated and requires a deft touch. The target is deep at 41 yards but it also necks down considerably in the middle section to a landing area no wider than 12 yards.

Wind patterns can be vexing with ever shifting outcomes. Pin placements can be quite varied and each presents a whole range of shot making commitments. A frontal pin mandates the wherewithal to land one’s approach deep enough into the green to avoid a pesky false front that can quickly pull one’s ball off the green.

Golfers overly aggressive with their tee shot face a daunting challenge when overshooting the target. A severe hillside awaits and there are deep swales that can impose daunting recovery situations.

Architecture - Montcalm Golf Club, New Hampshire

“The 5th is short in length but requires course management and shot making skills because it has absolutely everything,” said Steve Rogers, Director of Golf at Montcalm Golf Club. “The undulations in the green and the fact that the landing area is built diagonally leaves no safe spot or bail out. It’s well-bunkered in the front and there’s a collection area in the rear. You need trajectory and a soft landing with zero spin to hit one’s ball at the flag.”

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SOURCE:  golftoday.co.uk