You love the game of golf and look forward to sharing it with your children. But what’s the best way to introduce them to the game and cultivate their interest? Here are some tips from Steve Rogers, PGA, Director of Golf at Montcalm Golf Club.

Don’t Start Until Your Child is Ready

According to the National Golf Foundation Report on Junior Golfers, kids who start young are much more likely to play golf as adults. However, it’s important to remember that although you may be ready to introduce your children to the game, they may not be ready. Rogers suggests parents encourage their four- and five-year-olds (or younger if they are interested) to hit a few balls around the yard or take them to a miniature golf course. “At this age, the focus should be on fun,” Rogers notes. “Other than sharing some safety reminders, offer minimal instruction or corrections. Your child will develop positive feelings about the game just by enjoying time with you. Offer plenty of encouragement and maybe cap off the day with an ice cream or other treat. If you’re able to, take your child on a golf cart ride at the course and stop by the pro shop for a snack or drink.”

Formal Instruction

If your child shows an interest in the game, consider formal instruction around the age of six or seven. Until that time, keep instruction to a minimum to avoid discouraging your child or turning them off from the game forever. Contact us to learn more about private lessons, or our Junior Golf Clinics, offered most Fridays during the summer months.

Get the Right Equipment

Gone are the years of kids using their parents’ old, cut-off golf clubs, which are too heavy and stiff.  “Without clubs of the correct weight and length, kids have a hard time developing a good swing and learning the fundamentals, and that can lead to frustration and negative feelings about the game,” Rogers points out.  Like any sport, good technique and habits start young. For guidance in properly fitting your child with golf clubs, contact Montcalm’s Proshop.

Continue to Support Your Child’s Interest in the Game

As your child gets older, continue to support their interest in the game by taking them to the driving range or inviting them to join you on the course.  When the time is right, consider getting a family membership so your children will have more play time. Invite them to watch a televised or online event of amateurs or pros at a tournament, or take them to an event. One of the best parts of the game is sharing it with people you care about. And when your child is interested in competing, there are many junior golf tournaments available for their age and skill. Montcalm offers a Junior Club Championship (open to children 15 and under who are on a Family Membership) each August during our Club Championship weekend. Visit our Club Calendar for details.

Family Golfing at Montcalm

Montcalm Golf Club is a family-owned and operated course and we pride ourselves on making golf accessible to golfers of all ages and abilities. To learn more about our beautiful facility, our memberships, and our golfing school, visit our website.